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The 90 day challenge -Transform your lead generation, your sales results, your business growth and your work life balance in the first 90 days of 2012

About the Challenge 

The 90 day challenge is practical, very hands on, it’s completely designed around your needs, it’s about taking the right action to ensure your business grows and it’s about having a sales and lead generation expert that truly understands your business on hand to work with you every step of the way.  

Quiet simply this challenge is all about YOU and giving YOU the hands on help, support and advice that you want and need to significantly grow your business in the first 90 days of 2012. The challenge is strictly limited to 3 business owners only as it is tailored around each business owners needs and involves me working with you on a one to one basis so that I can create a lead generation and sales campaign specifically for your business to get you the results you need. 

  • YOU decide what results you need to achieve in the 90 days – I personally help you achieve them 
  • YOU tell me what type of customers you want to get and I create a Lead generation campaign which involves an email marketing and telemarketing campaign to get you in front of the right customers with the budget to spend 
  • YOU tell me how you want your business and work life balance to be and I show you how to achieve it  
  • Most importantly I guarantee results or you get your entire investment back, every single penny! 

Should I join the challenge 

Every business that joins the 90 day challenge will have very different needs and may be facing many different challenges within their business. Some of the business owners may be: 

  • Struggling to generate leads
  • Struggling to bring the numbers in
  • Not getting in front of enough customers
  • Struggle with creating and writing marketing and lead generation campaigns
  • Not getting enough sales online
  • Not getting enough qualified appointments
  • Getting too caught up in the doing in their business rather than the growing in their busines
  • Not making enough profit in their sales 

Whatever challenge you are facing in your business, whatever your business needs are you simply need to tell me to join the challenge and I design a business growth programme around helping you to overcome your specific challenges and get you the results you need. 

Who can join the Challenge 

Before you read any further let me explain that this challenge is not for everyone!

I can only take 3 business owners on the challenge as I personally work with you on a one to one basis for the next 90 days. It is also not a challenge for those who prefer seminars, training programmes, webinars, E learning and it is not a networking opportunity. 

As I guarantee results on the challenge there are some qualifying criteria that you must meet before joining the challenge:

To qualify you must be: 

  • An Owner or Director of your business with the authority to make sales and marketing decisions in your business
  • You must be committed to taking the right action in your business
  • You must be willing to take the proven advice and direction I will give you for your business
  • You must be willing to be open and honest with me about your business results and how you currently spend your time in your business
  • You must be able to trust in the strategy and techniques I introduce you to and be willing to implement
  • You must have a product or service that you are proud of and see the value in
  • You must be willing to put time, effort, energy into getting results on the challenge and be willing to invest both time and money in yourself and your business 

If you meet all of the above criteria then please read on as the best is yet to come. 

Full Details of what you get in the challenge

For those who join this amazing challenge, I will tailor a business growth programme specifically around your business needs however here’s a little sneak preview into what you can expect to get …. 

1 x Full Day Strategic Planning Day with me to hit your 90 day target 

Before we start to make any plans for your business in the next 90 days I need to get a feel for your business and find out a little more about you, your business goals, your customers, your current business model, your current lead generation and marketing activities and your current sales process. (If you haven’t got one don’t worry, that’s what the challenge is all about). 

Therefore regardless of your business type or location, I will come to you for a full day. Once I know more about your business we can then start to create your 90 day lead generation and sales transformation plan which may include all of the following depending on your business needs: 

  • You set your 90 day sales target, your business and your personal goals
  • I create a 90 day sales and lead generation strategy for your business
  • I identify your ideal customers, what they want and how we target them
  • I develop a unique value proposition that will instantly differentiate you from your competitors
  • I create a customer offer that will get the right customers to take the right action at the right time for us in the next 90 days
  • I create a breakthrough new business, upsell/cross sell and win back lead generation plan to get the right enquiries coming in and the phone ringing
  • I create a step by step on line and offline follow up sales campaign to convert those leads into sales
  • I create a step by step sales process specifically for your business
  • I help you to identify suitable joint venture partners and an offering for them to promote your products and services
  • I create a referral programme to gain more prospects from your existing customers  

A Lead generation and sales expert writing the sales copy and campaigns for you 

As you will see this challenge is all about YOU and getting you the results you need, however I do a lot of the leg work for you. There are key campaigns that we will need to put in place depending on your business needs however I know from experience of working with business owners that actually writing the lead generation campaigns and the sales copy is one of the most difficult parts therefore as part of this challenge I design and write the sales copy for you once we have our 90 day strategy agreed. 

Prior to working with Fiona we had no idea how to generate leads. We were trying to do the email marketing ourselves however as Fiona rightly pointed out to us, our emails had poor copy, no call to action and they did not have a targeted message. With Fiona on board  our email marketing has already resulted in many new exciting leads and generated profitable bookings.  In fact the very first email that we sent out with Fiona resulted in a sales worth £4.5k. Therefore we would not hesitate to recommend Fiona and her email marketing systems to any business looking to increase sales”. Julie Camm – Hotel owner

 2 x days Telemarketing and appointment making 

As part of the challenge I will also include 2 days of telemarketing so that we can make the sales appointments and get you in front of the right customers with the budget to spend before end of year. 

6 x Focus sessions

In order to maintain your focus throughout the 90 days we will have bi-weekly focus sessions which are held over the phone and will last for 60 minutes. This will enable you to stay on top of the activities we have planned and ensure we have a bi weekly plan in place to ensure we make the most of the weeks ahead. All of your focus sessions will be recorded and you will receive an mp3 file with the recording the day after our session so no need for frantic note taking throughout the sessions. 

“Fiona takes a no nonsense sales approach and failure is not an option with her! She is straight talking, doesn’t confuse you with jargon and she delivers it in a simple and easy to understand manner. She will tell you as it is, she is very challenging, very honest and very frank (which to be honest is what I needed), but she does get you the results you need”! – S. Henderson, Business owner

 3 x Monthly success and accountability session 

There is nothing like a bit of teamwork and being accountable for taking the right actions in your business especially when you are running a business alone therefore as part of this challenge we will have monthly group meetings where you will join me and all 3 business owners in the challenge to share your success and create an action plan for the month ahead. 

“Working with Fiona has transformed the potential of my business into reality. After making a few adjustments to my proposition and marketing methods, sales rocketed and business boomed…this girl is good…No, she is great!” ~ Scott Hodson, OF Software 

An awards ceremony and lunch to celebrate our success at the end of the 90 day programme

At the end of the 90 day challenge when we achieve the results you needed to get I will take all of the business owners participating in the challenge out for a celebration lunch where we will recognise and reward the business owners who took the right action for their business.

In summary by joining a challenge like this you will get: 

  • 1 x Full Day Strategic Planning Day to hit your 90 day target
  • 6 x Bi weekly 60 minute focus calls
  • 6 x MP3 Recordings of all your focus calls
  • 3 x Monthly Round Table planning sessions to create your monthly action plan and share your success with all 10 business owners in the challenge
  • 2 x days Telemarketing/ Telesales
  • Unlimited email access to me
  • A new business lead generation campaign
  • An upsell/cross sell lead generation campaign
  • A win back lead generation campaign
  • A referral lead generation campaign
  • A sales expert writing your sales copy for you
  • A joint venture proposal written for you
  • A step by step follow up sales campaign to convert prospects into sales
  • A tailored sales process and sales pitch specifically for your business
  • An awards ceremony and lunch to celebrate our success at the end of the 90 day programme

By joining a challenge like this you will be able to get back in control of your business, your results and your life with sales experts and like minded motivated business owners supporting you along the way.

The value of joining a challenge like this

Like the challenge the value each of the business owners get from this challenge will be different, but in each case the value will massively outweigh the investment and after the 90 days you will continue the reap the rewards as everything I introduce you to in the challenge can be repeated, meaning your results continue to grow even after the 90 day challenge. 

  • This is the only business support programme that is solely focused on YOU
  • You will have a robust strategy and plan in place
  • You have an expert creating and writing your lead generation campaigns for you
  • You gain increased sales results
  • You gain an endless stream of new business enquiries
  • You gain increased spend from your existing customers
  • You will gain a sales system in your business meaning you will save a lot of stress, time, energy and money
  • You get back in control of your business
  • You don’t feel alone and lose focus as you will have unlimited access to me and bi weekly sessions to keep you on track meaning you wont feel lost
  • You meet with 3 other motivated and committed business owners that all have the same objective as you; to ensure that in the first 90 days of 2012 you explode your sales results 

“I increased my database by over 200 leads in 24 hours and have so far converted 30 of those leads, which equates to £30,000increase in turnover per year, every year. More will follow. Not bad for just one technique!”- ~Wendy Shand, Founder of Tots to Travel

Your investment

Here’s the bit you have been waiting for…..

The standard investment for a challenge like this over a 90 day period is:

£3370 + VAT. 

However as the objective of this challenge is to get you the sales results you need by the end of March 2012 I have decided to set the investment in line with our objective for those business owners who are willing to take action and complete their application form by the end of this week and confirm their booking by 30th November…

Early bird booking discount

Book by 30th November and your investment is reduced to 

Only £2012 + VAT

That’s a massive 40% saving or a saving of £1359 if you are up for taking the challenge

Bonus worth £149 + VAT 

Book by 30th November and you will also receive a copy of my sales success home study programme which includes 5 DVDs covering 33 proven sales growth and lead generation strategies & a bonus CD completely free of charge as an additional bonus.

Zero risk Guarantee 

The guarantee on the 90 Day lead generation and sales transformation challenge is very simple! If for some unlikely reason I don’t increase your sales results after you have implemented all of the strategies and you have taken action on the advice I have given you, I will refund your entire investment, every single penny. 

Your next step

So you now have all of the details on the challenge and the level of investment required, your next step is to take the right action for your business. The next step is to complete the below application form so that I can preview your business and your products and your services. After you complete the below application form we will have a 30 minute phone session to ensure that you understand the challenge, to discuss how we can make the challenge work for you and ensure it meets your business needs and to check if you have any questions before confirming your place on the challenge. 

Applications to join the challenge will close on 30th November at 5pm so please complete your application before Friday. Confirmed bookings must be recieved by 30th November.

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I am very confident that by joining the challenge you will get the results you need however remember this challenge is strictly limited to 3 business owners only so once the first 3 business owners have booked the challenge will close.

The countdown has begun 

There are now only 37 days left until 2012 and 7 days left for you to take the right action for your business and complete your application so that I can help you create a lead generation and sales campaign that delivers guaranteed results. For those of you who take the right action I will be in touch once I have received your completed application form.  

I look forward to working with you and ensuring that in the first 90 days of 2012 we explode your sales results!

Kind Regards