What people have been saying about me…

“Our management team were beginning to believe increasing volume sales would be impossible; the approach Fiona used increased sales results by over 400%. The sales campaign was a tremendous success and the processes and principals implemented by Fiona are now the departmental standard in selling our general product and service portfolio to the SME market”
~ Evan Garricks (GM, Head of Sales – MTN Business)

‘The founder of IBM once said, “Nothing happens in business until something is sold.” And only a few people know more about what it takes to make sales than Fiona Challis’ Jonathan Jay, Founder of the National Association of Business Owners (NABO)

“I have applied everything that Fiona has taught me to my business, re-trained my team, tweaked our messages and fundamentally revamped our marketing. With just one technique, I increased my database by over 200 leads in 24 hours and have so far converted 30 of those leads, which equates to £30,000 increase in turnover per year, every year.  More will follow.  Not bad for just one technique!” Wendy Shand, Founder of Tots to Travel

“I have implemented some of the ideas and have seen significant results in growing my mailing list as well as bringing in 145 new clients in 6 weeks!” – Stefan Boyle, Print Republic

‘Dear Fiona, I want to thank you for the amazing sales strategy you gave me. My product is a high price item and so needs to be explained in a manner that will remove price objections. Your strategy to remove the ‘fear barrier’ and move them to seeing they cannot do without it is simply brilliant. I decided to use the strategy immediately and have since converted four clients, two of whom I had already spoken with and who were ‘not sure’. That’s £8000 worth of new business in just two weeks! Thank you’ Don Hastie

“The knowledge transfer in this program is extremely valuable as it provides a proven methodology for raising the level of performance of both individuals and teams” – BMC Software

“This training was by far the most structured and useful training I have received to date”  – Zebra Technologies

“Fiona is a truly outstanding leader. Her energy, execution capability, creativity and self motivation are outstanding. Results and team oriented is really easy to work with her. I especially applaud her ability to work under tight deadlines. Definitely someone I’d have in my own team.” – Javier Perea Country Sales Manager – McAfee

“Fantastic, Professional, Enthusiastic and all done with a smile, more importantly making the sales people think about their roles in the company.
It was really good to meet you, your presentation was “on the button”, exactly as required thanks for listening to our needs.” – Akter Computers

“Fiona is an exceptional sales leader with a strong understanding of how to grow business, and motivate people. Fiona’s business acumen, market knowledge and sales experience proved invaluable in driving sustained growth and success” – Sean Glynn, McAfee

“‘Fiona really addressed some key issues we face within the team and we are now far more equipped to deal with them” – Sales Manager, Integralis

‘Any sales person wishing to move themselves to the next level should attend this training’-Trader Media Group

“I would recommend Fiona to any business that needs to re-engage their sales forces” – Mark Hamilton-Bower, IRI

“Fiona really addressed some key issues we face within the team and we are now far more equipped to deal with them” – Sales Manager, Integralis

“Fantastic! The skills I learnt give me the ability to earn whatever I want!” -Account manager, Aston Lloyd

‘The course was fantastic! It gave me greater insight into my time management and the importance of the relationship between our customers and our company”‘ – Fexco

“This training was by far the most structured and useful training I have received to date” -Sales Manager, Zebra Technologies

‘The sales induction helped immensely! I feel ready and confident to proceed further in my career’ – Ian Sedwell, Sales Representative

“Working with Fiona has transformed the potential of my business into reality. The passion I have for my business was matched by Fiona and she provided me with wise counsel and a priceless insight into the world of what my clients actually want. After making a few adjustments to my proposition and marketing methods, sales rocketed and business boomed…this girl is good…No, she is great!” ~ Scott Hodson, OF Software