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Dear Sales professionals,

  • Are you finding it harder to generate sales leads and qualify prospects?
  • Are you finding it harder to get through to your customers and decision makers?
  • Are you struggling to make sales using your traditional selling methods?

If you answered yes, you won’t be alone. The reason sales people and business owners are finding selling harder and more frustrating than ever before is because we have entered what I like to call ‘The Buyers Evolution’.

Our buyers and customers have more skills, confidence and power than ever before and how the modern day buyer makes a decision to buy is evolving and is going to keep evolving. This means as business owners and sales professionals we need to adapt ‘The New Rules for Selling’, or you risk being left behind.

Our Flagship 2 day Sales Training Programme-

The New Rules for Selling

The New Rules for Selling are very simple; it is how we prospect and sell to the modern day buyer.

Do the new rules for selling mean that you have to stop using your traditional methods of selling? No, but it does mean that you need to use a blended selling approach- meaning you use the traditional methods that are still working for you. However, to generate more prospects and to win more sales, more often, you also need to adapt to, The New Rules for Selling.

The way our customers buy has changed dramatically…..the time to change how you prospect and sell is NOW!

Due to the radical changes in how the modern day buyer prefers to buy, we DO NOT teach ‘old school’ sales methods 

Instead we help sales organization to create ‘The New Rules For Selling’ specifically for their sales organization and we transform your sales people into the trusted advisers, that today’s modern day buyers wants and needs .  

Our proven methodology and approach has helped many sales organisations to gain:

  • Increased new business sales
  • Incease thier average order value
  • Increase the frequency of orders
  • Increased productivity
  • A higher level of individual and team motivation
  • More energy and passion in their organisation
  • Increased confidence
  • Better equipped to sell to the modern day buyer
  • A team that have the attitude to over achieve
  • A higher level of commitment to achieving sales targets

All of our sales training programs are followed by one to one coaching to ensure that all delegates implement their new found skills.

What previous delegates have said about the new rules for selling…

“Extremely though provoking, content rich workshop that every modern day sales person would be mad not to attend – highly recommended!” Cathy Lawson, The Continuum Group

“Fiona trains on how to become regarded as an expert in your industry. She clearly understands her industry and has excellent credibility making me confident in applying her advice and training” ~ John Vicerage, Imago 

“Fiona puts you in your customers shoes, to look at the buying process from thier perspective and gives you the tools you need to increase your sales results” Larry Brotherton, Key Step Online

“With just one technique I increased my database by over 200 leads in 24 hours and have so far converted 30 of those leads which equates to £30,000increase in turnover per year, every year. More will follow. Not bad for just one technique! ~ Wendy Shand, founder of Tots to Travel

“Working with Fiona has transformed the potential of my business into reality. After making a few adjustments to my proposition and marketing methods, sales rocketed and business boomed…this girl is good…No, she is great!” ~ Scott Hodson, OF Software

To speak with Fiona about how we can help you to create the new rules for selling in your organization simply complete the form below:

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