Kevin Weiss Interview

Revealed – Billion dollar sales strategies that have gained triple digit growth!

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If you are currently trying to grow your business, frustrated with your current sales results, if you ever wanted to know how some companies gain triple digit sales growth, exactly what those companies did to achieve it and if it is possible to achieve that in your business, this is a MUST listen to interview!!

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In this one of interview you will gain hands on, practical and proven advice from somebody who has already gained triple digit growth and what you must do to achieve the same explosive sales growth in your small or medium size business.

You will hear…

  • How Kevin took one company from $400 million to $1.75 billion in sales growth!
  • The number one strategy for gaining explosive sales growth in your business
  • Why there is no substitution for knowledge of your product/service and your customers
  • Why you must know the value that your product\service brings to the market and your customers
  • Why preparation is critical to your new business success
  • For SME’s, where resources are limited, what sales strategies are best for you
  • Why partnerships and joint ventures are so important when you are struggling to gain the growth you need
  • How to create value for potential Joint ventures and partnerships
  • How to improve the performance of your top and bottom line
  • Why you need to understand your core competencies and the value you add to your customers
  • Why simply talking about your products/services could be losing you business!
  • Why there is no substitute for training, knowing what your competitors are up to and understanding your customers
  • How to create a high performance sales culture
  • How to overcome the challenge of working in a competitive market and competitors undercutting you
  • How bundling your products and services can change the market and reinvigorate your sale results
  • How to get creative and create a solution that you know your market needs
  • If you are in a shrinking market place, what are the best strategies and how getting into non traditional sales markets and ‘thinking outside the box’ could help you to achieve triple digit growth.
  • Why you need to ‘give to get’ in business
  • Why monitoring and measuring your growth is critical
  • As a small business, there is an expense with hiring sales people so what are the best business models to use when you don’t have the budget to hire sales people
  • How to make yoghurt……….you must listen to discover why this is so important!
  • How to drive customer loyalty and gain increased customer spend
  • What the ‘must haves’ are in generating high quality leads in your marketing campaigns
  • Exactly how this billion dollar organisations drive their lead generation
  • What you need to watch for when using Pay per Click campaigns
  • How to get creative with your marketing campaigns
  • Why there is no excuse for not having a great web presence
  • How the copy on your website can make you look like a billion dollar company or a one man band
  • The best lead generation tool in today’s market
  • Whether social media is the best form of lead generation or not?
  • The best calling card for establishing credibility with potential customers
  • Why your front-line people are the key to your success
  • How to unlock the potential in your team
  • Why managing by ‘walking around’ doesn’t work
  • Why you really need to be visible as the leader in your business
  • How to manage top performers, difficult people and people who aren’t team players
  • How the ‘bright light’ of the revenue could be blinding you
  • Why ‘all that glitters isn’t gold’
  • How to manage your time effectively, how to prioritize your time and avoid ‘burn out’
  • Why you really need to delegate the things that aren’t top sheet for you
  • What to delegate, the importance of delegating and how to fortify the ranks of your employees
  • Don’t expect what you don’t inspect – the importance of monitoring and measuring your success
  • Where Kevin see’s the market going in 2012
  • They key growth opportunities in 2012
  • Why you need to create opportunity and choice for customers

I know that you are going to gain so much information, advice and inspiration from this incredible interview and I am so glad that I am able to provide this for you, so enjoy and please do let me know if you have any questions after listening.


Kind Regards


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Ed Manchester June 29, 2011

Fiona and Kevin – thankyou very much indeed for hosting this interview session and sharing it within your network. There were many extremely interesting points covered and for sure can be translated across different business sectors. Really appreciate this and look forward also to any future activities. Kind regards, Ed Manchester – Regional Director, Biomin Asia, Singapore.