How to use Linked In for Prospecting

How to use Linked In 

An Interview with Mark White, The UK’s Leading Expert on how to use Linked In as a prospecting tool and to drive business growth

In this one off interview, Mark White, a highly experienced professional who has worked with Linked In and other social media tools to great success over the past 8 years will be sharing with you his top tips and techniques for using Linked In as a prospecting tool, and how to really maximize the huge opportunity that Linked In provides for the modern day sales professional and business owner.

In the interview Mark will be revealing:

  • The key advantages and business benefits of using Linked In
  • Why Linked in and Social Media is quickly becoming the ‘new networking’
  • The most common mistake sales professionals and business owners make on their profile page
  • What you must have in your Linked In profile
  • Why you must have a company/business page plus an individual profile
  • How you can quickly source groups to join within your target market and geographical location
  • How to connect with Key Decision Makers without having to upgrade your account
  • How to effectively follow up on people that have viewed your profile
  • The advantages of following companies within your target market on Linked In
  • How to ‘get in the door’ by using the valuable company information you can find on Linked In
  • Success stories of businesses and sales professionals that have won new contracts on the back of using Linked In

At the end of the interview Mark has a fantastic offer for 10 lucky listeners, so listen right until the end to get Mark’s offer.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

After listening we would appreciate any comments or feedback you have. You can leave a comment in the comments box below.

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Marian Chapman March 28, 2012

Good interview, lots of tips and ideas new to me.


Chris Raines March 29, 2012

Hi Fiona,
Thank you for arranging this. I do not use linked in but I will be now. Also, I will look up his training days and look out for yours where Mark is featuring.
What a great delivery from a really pleasant guy giving us all this tips for nothing. GREAT.

Sami June 5, 2012

Danielle – What a gorgeous ltitle girl! Your other daughter is so beautiful and now you have a second bundle of joy. I hope you are all well and happy.