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In April & May I am running a promotion where I am offering 10 sales organisations who want to gain increased sales results and want to create a highly effective sales force, the opportunity for a sales expert to come to your next sales meeting and provide a FREE Advanced Selling Skills Master Class for your sales team.

Extremely thought provoking, content rich workshop that every modern day sales person would be mad not to attend – highly recommended!” Cathy Lawson, The Continuum Group

Here’s a little information about the promotion 

Like Stephen Covey’s bestselling book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, there are also ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales People‘. These are habits that the successful modern day sales professional understands and implements on a daily basis. They are the habits that set the average or under performing sales teams, apart from the top performing sales teams and I am going to teach you the first of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales People’ completely FREE of charge as part of our Promotion. 

The Master Class will be a short bite-size 2 hour session, as I have found that it is highly effective to run shorter bite-size master classes that progressively develops one habit at a time over a 7, 14 or 21 week period, as opposed to immersing sales people into an intensive two day training program and overwhelming their already frantic minds with yet more skills and techniques to implement. This approach also prevents downtime for sales organisations as the master class can be run as part of your normal sales meeting or outside prime selling time.

The FREE Advanced Selling Skills Master Class that I am offering for your sales team will develop Habit # 1, which is Sell Value & Results, NOT Price. The session is practical and packed with interactive exercises that will progressively remove any bad habits that your sales people may have fallen into for e.g. selling price and products first, and replacing them with a new, fresh and highly effective approach to selling that I already know the modern day buyer responds well to. 

Habit # One – Sell Value & Results, Not Price

This habit is by far the most important, as if sales people can not clearly communicate the value and results they provide. If they can not craft a powerful value proposition that is customer centric and clearly shows you as a leader in your industry, they will struggle to generate new prospects, struggle to get sales appointments, struggle to convert leads into sales and struggle to keep their prospects interest, as the modern day buyer is extremely intolerant to sales people who simply talk about their products and services (seller centric message) and who can not prove and demonstrate the value and results they provide. Sales people who struggle with demonstrating value and results are also more likely to discount and sell on price.

By the end of this master class your sales people will have crafted a powerful value proposition that contains the three critical elements that the modern day buyer needs to see and hear – meaning more prospects, a higher call back rate, higher conversion rate, increased sales results and a higher order value for your sales team.

“Fiona trains on how to become regarded as an expert in your industry. She clearly understands her industry and has excellent credibility making me confident in applying her advice and training” ~ John Vicerage, Imago

So what’s the catch?

  • There is no catch
  • There is no fee to pay
  • There is no obligation to book any further Master Classes.

To get the first master class FREE, all you have to do is book your next sales meeting and let me know the date and time. Prior to running the master class I will have a phone consultation with the sales organisations that are interested to identify the current challenges you are facing and to understand a little more about your target market, your solution and the value and results that your customers gain by investing in your product or service, so that I can prepare a tailor made master class for you.

After I have run the first FREE master class and I have demonstrated that the session will add value and increase the effectiveness of your sales team, If you would like to discover the other 6 Habits we can spend 15 minutes discussing them to see if they are applicable to your team but there is no obligation to book any further master classes.

How to book your FREE Advanced Selling Skills Master Class & develop Habit # 1

To book your FREE Master Class, simply complete the form below and I will be in touch to arrange a pre master class phone consultation with you.  You must have a sales team of 10 or more to qualify for the FREE session

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please feel free to email me on or call me on 01189 767658.

Please complete the form below to book your FREE Advanced Selling Skills Master Class

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It’s a good approach, but let’s be a lttlie realistic:-Many office bldgs have no solicit’ signs; getting a biz card is soliciting-People today don’t read emails (less than 2%)- it’s not a cold call because you sent them an email. No, it’s still a cold call because if they never opened it or know who you are.-Email/Direct marketing studies show response rates (not open rates) are about .02% (less than 1%).Albeit a good approach; lets not over sell’ the expectations here!

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Good Morning. Please call at your convenience to discuss.

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Look forward to hearing from you, you have been recommended by Gavin Davidson who thinks you could make a big difference to our sales team