Experts in creating a high performance sales culture

  • When did you last assess your sales strategy?
  • What challenges are proving difficult to overcome?
  • Do you need to identify new revenue streams?
  • How far are you from where you really want to be?

Fiona has a wealth of experience that you can draw and learn from. She can improve sales performance in your organisation by analysing your current sales methodology, sales processes and people and identifying ways in which you could be doing better.

“Fiona is a truly outstanding leader. Her energy, execution capability, creativity and self motivation are outstanding. Results and team oriented is really easy to work with her. I especially applaud her ability to work under tight deadlines. Definitely someone I’d have in my own team.” Country sales manager – McAfee

Fiona will work with you as part of your team and provide you with an objective and independent view. She will bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table and will help you to achieve the results you need in areas such as:

  • Developing an effective sales and marketing proposition to acquire more customers
  • Creating your new business, upsell, win-back and displacement campaigns
  • Developing a bespoke lead generation and sales strategy that will take your organisation to where it needs to be
  • Creating a buyer centric sales message
  • Improving sales processes and systems, performance management and incentive programmes
  • Bespoke Assessment centres & new Starter Sales Induction programs
  • Sales management monitoring and measurement program including introduction and creation of KPIs, competencies and running a structured gap analysis programme
  • Creating a Buyer analysis programme to identify your customers buying transition
  • Identify sales opportunities and potential new revenue streams
  • Aligning marketing efforts to sales objectives
  • Re-focus your sales teams efforts
  • Increase productivity & pipeline growth

‘I would recommend Fiona to any business that needs to re-engage their sales forces’-Mark Hamilton-Bower, IRI

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